Delgado offering online summer courses with incentive

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NEW ORLEANS, La. – All courses in the summer of 2020 at Delgado Community College will be offered online.

Michelle Greco, Director of Enrollment Management at Delgado, said there`s a significant perk for enrolling this summer.

“We are going to be discounting tuition for students who register for six hours during the summer. And, also register for 12 hours in the fall, we will give them three hours of tuition-free this summer.”

Greco said that it is easy to find online, the many courses that transfer from Delgado to other Louisiana schools.

“This summer we have launched a transfer website, that lists the courses we are going to be offering that transfer to any the colleges in Louisiana. It is a quick easy matrix, to see if it is time for you to attend Delgado.”

Summer learning – another reason why Delgado Community College is education that works.


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