Cutt’n the Pressure campaign aims to screen blood pressure at the barbershop


NEW ORLEANS— LPN Majorie Brooks is a member of Aetna’s Community Outreach Team and as part of that outfit, she’s charged with increasing public awareness about heart disease and stroke.

“We’ll gladly run to the beautician and to the barber shop but we won’t go to the doctor. Once they find out that they do have high blood pressure, they take it more seriously, said Brooks”

Brooks also sees beauticians and barbers a perfect ambassadors of better health in the community, “They have a large population that they see. They have a very large population, especially our African Americans who have the highest risk for heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.”

Demetrius Twymon is a barber with first hand knowledge of the risks, “I get headaches sometimes. My vision gets blurry sometimes and I just got diagnosed early, so I’m trying to push the movement for our people to get tested, to get checked, to know they’re status because high blood pressure is a silent killer.”

The Cutt’n The Pressure program is designed to train barbers and beauticians to speak with their clients about hypertension, and then take they’re blood pressure reading. A simple process that could save thier lives.

If you’re a beautician or barber who would like to be trained in this program they can email Georgette Albert at or call directly at 504 417-5562.

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