Custom carnival hat will put you head and shoulders above the rest

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NEW ORLEANS — There is no shortage of purple, green and gold during carnival. You’ll find all kinds of outfits and throws along the parade routes and in the French Quarter.

But if you really want to find an accessory that’s unique, then perhaps you should stop by the Magazine Street shop of Colby Hebert the Cajun Hatter.

“The hat’s made completely from scratch from start to finish, here in the shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans,” Hebert told WGNO. “I like to say hand made in the swamp.”

Hebert has been making custom hats for four years. Previously, he worked in Hollywood South handling the wardrobes for films that were being shot here.

His hats include about a dozen styles that are part of his Louisiana Icon collection and are styled after various cultural influences in the state. They are beautiful hats that can be worn for a variety of functions and events. But one has a obvious purpose, the purple, green and gold hat called the Carnival.

“All of my hats are made of pure fur felt. So that can be rabbit fur, beaver fur, nutria fur, mink chinchilla. The more colorful hats such as this one are typically made of rabbit fur,” Hebert said as he picked up one of his custom Carnival hats.

Hebert measured the heads of his clients and also forms the hats to fit the shape of their heads. Then he can make further adjustment and add additional luxuries like satin liners, all to meet the customer’s preferences. It take him an average of four days to make one.

The hats are not inexpensive. They generally run between $800-$900 each. And while Hebert says he has some customers stop in and order two or more at a time, he offers gift certificates and can even arrange payment plans for other.

For more information on Colby Hebert hats, click here. For more information on his Carnival hat, click on the video button toward the top of this page.


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