NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Culture Aid NOLA held their first hurricane supply drive Saturday to help 2,000 families prep for disaster.

“The idea was ‘let’s get stuff into people’s hands before they need it, before the disaster and be prepared,'” Walt Leger with New Orleans and Co. said.

After hurricane Ida, Culture Aid held a similar event called Fill the Fridge. Since it had such a large turnout, they started prepping for 2022.

“As we saw after Ida, resources can be slow to arrive and unevenly distributed,” Culture Aid NOLA Executive Director Erica Chomsky Adelson said. “So, if we’re looking at these climate change fueled storms coming faster and stronger, we need to be ready. Resilience begins at home. So, we can put these supplies with the families who will need them.”

They gave out enough supplies for 72 hours, complete with food, water, buckets, trash bags, cleaners and even coloring books — covering every family member for every possible scenario.

“We’re hoping from year to year this just gets bigger and bigger with more and more support,” Leger said. “I think stepping out at the front end, making the investments at the beginning, and putting the time at the beginning can save lives, time and energy as everyone is struggling. Hopefully we won’t have anything to be prepared for but it’s always good to be prepared.”