NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Louisiana is now seeing another wave of Coronavirus cases and currently hospitalizations are on the rise.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez talked to Dr. Jeffrey Elder at LCMC Health about what everyone in the community should be doing now to make sure things don’t get worse.

Unfortunately hospitalizations are on the rise, but luckily they are not skyrocketing like with recent surges.

Still Dr. Elder at LCMC Health says now is the time for everyone in community to do their part.

“It is not surprising. We knew once we saw Omicron that more people would catch it and more people would end up in the hospital,” Dr. Elder said.

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Louisiana are on the rise. After weeks of hospitalizations being lower, now they are seeing another wave.

“Still no good. We want to see as little of that as possible,” he said.

Currently according to the Louisiana Department of Health there are 1,868 new cases with 5 new deaths. 246 are hospitalized and 10 are now on ventilators.

“We definitely saw a surge in the community after Memorial Day and a few weeks after Jazz Fest,” Dr. Elder said.

He says right now the best thing everyone can do is get fully vaccinated, boosted, and considerate of others. If you’re showing symptoms it is best to get tested, and isolate.

“People just go about doing their normal lives and they still go to work, they’ve worked sick in the past, and we need to reevaluate that because we know these things can be really dangerous for other people. There are others around you that can still contract the disease, become ill and still die from it,” he said.

Dr. Elder suggests masking for older people and those with other medical conditions.