Counting presidential votes, one cookie at a time

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) –  At Maurice French Pastries in Metairie, you can cast your vote for president at the cash register.  And you can vote as often as your conscience and your budget will allow.

Maurice's manager Jean Schroeder displays the bakery's dueling "Trump" and "Clinton" sugar cookies
Maurice’s manager Jean Schroeder displays the bakery’s dueling “Trump” and “Clinton” sugar cookies

Maurice’s owner, Jean-Luc Albin, ordered a specialty cookie cutter last year, shaped like the front of the White House.  Albin, who’s owned Maurice’s for nearly thirty years, thought it would be fun to use the cutter to make sugar cookies that looked like the White House in the snow, with a little bit of green frosting to form the shape of a Christmas tree in front.

But the cookie cutter didn’t arrive in time for the bakery’s Christmas sales, and Albin’s plan was dashed.  Then he realized he could do something else with that White House-shaped cookie cutter- et voila!

Maurice’s dueling “Trump” and “Clinton” cookies debuted over the summer.  The cookies are made with the same ingredients, cut by hand with that single, White House cookie cutter,  except that the “Trump” cookies have the candidate’s name in red frosting, and, naturally, the “Clinton” cookies have her name spelled in blue.  They sell for $1.25 each.

Maurice’s manager, Jean Schroeder, tells News With a Twist that the cookies are a popular item.  But which cookie, exactly, is more popular?

The answer, is a little vague.  Schroeder says the bakery keeps an informal tally on the “daily specials” board, but she says the employees haven’t been paying much attention to which candidate’s cookie is selling faster, and she can’t vouch for the  numbers.  Still,  Schroeder admits that in decidedly “red” Jefferson Parish, the Trump cookies seem to be preferred.  In fact, although a certain Twist host bought a “Clinton” cookie for a certain co-host, he has refused to eat it – quipping that the columns of the White House portico make it appear as if the candidate is “behind bars.”

And if a customer supports Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, or Green Party candidate, Jill Stein?

Sorry, Maurice’s only offers two choices:  Clinton or Trump.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.






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