Council members discuss traffic camera policy at Monday’s City Council Meeting

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NEW ORLEANS – At Monday’s City Council Meeting, board members spoke to Mayor Cantrell about the recent traffic camera policy change.

Some members of the community are very upset with the Mayor’s decision to lower the threshold for triggering traffic camera tickets, without first informing the public.

Mayor Cantrell stuck to the point that breaking laws is not okay. Speeding at any time, is not okay.

“I’m a Mayor, but I’m also a mother. And it’s unacceptable. One mile over, two miles over, four to eight miles over, as a parent, unacceptable,” she continued.

Councilman Brossett explained, “Of course it is your decision and your discretion as mayor of this city, to change policy, to make the policy changes that you see fit, however, as I’ve stated in recent weeks, transparency is the utmost, top priority, and we wanted to make sure that the word got across to the public. Just as the removal of the cameras, was announced, the policy change should have been announced as well.”

Mayor Cantrell then made it clear, she will not apologize for her decision. “In the spirit of transparency, I think you’ve gotten the best of me, in that regard of being transparent. Relative to the studies that were conducted, it’s right there and you can look at it yourself. But there will be some decisions that I made, that I will not disclose.”


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