NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Congressman Steve Scalise, the House minority whip in Washington is making the rounds and weighing in on the issues facing Louisiana and the nation. 

“There’s so much that we can you should be doing the lower gas prices in really starts with increasing production in America because you’ve seen all the last two years when President Biden came in and he did say campaign saying that he was going to shut down drilling in America the problem is when you shut down drilling in America we still have a need for oil and natural gas in our country as well as our allies around the world,” said Congressman Steve Scalise.

WGNO asked about flood insurance rates.

“The biggest frustration is they won’t even tell us a bill levies how they’re coming up with this new risk rating how they’re coming up with these premium increases which for many people are devastating I’ve been working with a coalition Republican and Democrat group of members from all around the country to try to reform this program and in I’ve got another call with some of the leaders of the various committees in Congress to try to see if we can get together one in an agreement between now and when this program expires in September to try to reform the program get rid of us grading to affordable and fair to taxpayers.”

WGNO’s LBJ asked if we get a chance to see him in the speaker’s chair this year.

“I appreciate I’m enjoying where I am right now I get to it’ll work on things for the people of southeast Louisiana by travel around the country is well I get to meet a lot of the candidates you know we got a big election coming up in November I’m sure hoping we can win the majority in November but we’re gonna be running on a very bold conservative agenda or a contract with America type agenda and I’m working right now with a lot of other colleagues of mine on that and then let’s go work two to win people over on all these problems hopefully get a big majority on the Republican side,” said Scalise.