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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— His brisk arrival at the Ochsner Center for Care and Wellness signaled not only that Congressman Steve Scalise was ready to receive his second COVID vaccine, but also that he also endorsed the science behind the vaccine.

Scales said, “It’s safe and effective and I’ve got full confidence in it. I got the shot myself because I’ve seen the process that it went through and look the FDA is still the most rigorous process in the world for vaccination approval”

Vaccine providers are showing an increase in the number of people getting the shot but more needs to be done. And with over 1000 COVID patients in the Ochsner system statewide, the hope is that more personalities like Scalise, publicly getting their vaccine will encourage others to do the same.

“I think the politicians need to set good examples and Congressman Scalise getting his vaccine is an important step,” said Ochsner Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Sandra Kemmerly.

Kimmerly also says that this show of action is more effective than debating vaccine misinformation, “We can dispute it all day long but people want to believe what they want to believe and that becomes very difficult from our perspective to convince people what they read on social media is not correct.”

As for Scalise, he says the high number of unvaccinated, hospitalized sick people should be an incentive for everyone to get the shot.

“But we should also be encouraging people to get vaccinated without trying to shame people. That’s not gonna improve the situation. Let’s get the people the fact they need and encourage them to go talk to their doctor if they have questions,” stated Scalise.