Combining the messages of God and Elvis in Covington

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COVINGTON, LA — There was a hunk , a hunk of burning love at the Christ Episcopal Church in Covington on Sunday, January 27.  Parishioners tapped their toes and danced in place in the pews as they listened to some of Elvis Presley’s biggest hits.

But there was no record player or jukebox.  The music was coming from a live band, and the voice from Elvis impersonator Travis Allen from Las Vegas, complete with white suit and backup singers.

The performance was the vision of Reverend Bill Miller, the Rector at the historic church.  Miller has an affinity for blending popular music with his message on Sundays.  Last fall, he organized a Beatles Mass.

But this time around, it was all about Elvis and temptation and redemption and doing the right thing.  Not only were parishioners ready to receive the message, some recorded the performances on their phones.  One parishioner even wore an Elvis wig with sideburns and sunglasses.

The performance included many Elvis classics, some of his gospel songs, and some church hymns.

Miller says the attendance was nearly 1,000 people during the two Elvis Masses, a record for the church which was founded in the mid 1800’s.

This coming Sunday, the church will focus on something else that is worshiped by many people, football.  It will be Super Bowl Sunday, so the church will host its Black and Gold Yellow Flag Sunday event.

Since many fans are still reeling from the Saints’ loss in the playoffs, and the penalty that was never called, the church will allow fans to write down injustices in their life — or in the world — on a yellow penalty flag.  The penalty flags will be turned into prayer flags, to channel any remaining grief and anger over the Saints loss into prayerful change.

For more information on the church, and its upcoming Yellow Flag Sunday event, click here.


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