Coast Guard rescues family near Venice


NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard rescued a family of four after their boat began to sink about 17 miles south of Southwest Pass near Venice.

According to the Coast Guard, someone onboard the boat began to radio for help at a little before 9:30 Wednesday morning, August 5. When rescue crews arrived, the boat was overturned and the family members were hanging onto the side of it.

Two adults and two children were rescued. Coast Guard crews from New Orleans and Mobile used a helicopter, airplane and boat to locate and pull the people from the water.

The key to the rescue was the radio that the family used to call for help when the boat began to sink.

“The fact that they were able to call on channel 16 using their radio and reported the situation and how many people were aboard greatly assisted the crews in the search,” Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Plummer said in a written statement announcing the rescue.

“The crews knew what they were looking for and the general area the call came from which resulted in the family’ safe return,” Plummer said.

According to the Coast Guard, the family was taken to Venice Marina with no medical concerns.


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