Coach Ed Orgeron's mom reminisces on raising a Tigers Coach.

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)-Who knows a son better than his momma, right? Coco Orgeron is a spit fire and loves her Tigers. She wants a National Championship just as bad as her son does.


After sitting down with ed Orgeron’s mom, it was easy to see their similarities.

Down on the bayou is where Coach Ed Orgeron spent his days as a little Cajun kid.

This small town of 7,306 people is known for their waterways, southern hospitality and a special bond between a mother and a son.

“It was easy to raise Ed… I had to tell him don’t that every once in awhile but, it was growing up. You know, I was young too. I think we were all growing up together but, it was all family,” said Coco Orgeron.

Listening to the many stories that Coco likes to share, it was easy to see what molded the beloved Tigers coach into the man that he is today.

“Everything was practice. He always liked going to practice. You know, you always hear the little kids saying, I don’t want to go to practice. He was always the first one there,” said Orgeron.


Out front of Coach O’s mom’s house is a giant sign. On that sign you’ll find a list of wishes that Coco has. And Christmas might be over but, Coco O has one thing still unchecked on that list. A LSU National Championship.

One of her favorite momma moments was the victory over Alabama earlier this season.

“He looked at me straight and said, ‘We won momma!'”

No matter where Coach O goes, one work follows him to every football field. “Pride. A lot of pride but, I always almost expected that. Whenever he played football here, he won the National Championship. We were always in the playoffs. It like follows him.”

Coco Orgeron will be at the National Championship, cheering on Ed from the stands.


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