Clergy in New Orleans East meet with Mayor about possibility of both proposed developments co-existing at old Six Flags site


NEW ORLEANS— Ministers from New Orleans East are urging Mayor LaToya Cantrell to get their input from the community on what should go into the old Six Flags Amusement Parks site.

The minsters are suggesting that both Drew Brees’ urban farm and Bayou Phoenix’s amusement park could succeed in the same place.

“Be it known, our voices will be heard,” Rev. Dr. Joe Connelly at Bethany United Methodist Church said.

For weeks clergy members in New Orleans East have been fighting to get their voices heard as to what will be built at the old Six Flags site.

“We are no longer going to sit back and be Monday morning Quarterbacks. We want to be there and be involved in the process as the city goes forward,” he said.

They feel progress is being made after discussing their concerns with Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

“I think we got a lot accomplished. I think we heard the Mayor’s concerns. We understand more about the process,” Rev. Connelly said.

Last month the Mayor and the City of New Orleans narrowed it down to two proposals. An urban farming development by Drew Brees and this team Shield One. The other proposal, Bayou Phoenix includes an amusement park, water park, sports complex, hotel, and travel center. Now clergy members believe it could be a win-win if both developments team up at the site.

“If I told you that I was going to build something in your backyard, and have you fund it, but you didn’t get to choose, the swing set or pool, I did the choosing, is that fair to you?, he said.

“This project sits in many of our backyards for 16 years, so if anyone deserves an ear from the review selection committee, it is the people of the East,” District E Councilwoman Cynthia Nguyen said.

Nguyen says she wants what’s best for the people she represents.

“We want a smart, sustainable development project that will put District E on the map,”she said.

“New Orleans residents are the frontrunners with the decisions being made,” Rev. Connelly said.

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