City gets OK to demolish four buildings adjacent to Hard Rock collapse site


NEW ORLEANS – On Tuesday, Fire Department Superintendent Tim McConnell issued an Order to Demolish structures adjacent to the Hard Rock Collapse site. With hurricane season rapidly approaching, the need for immediate action has become even more critical.

“These orders were posted under the authority of our Superintendent with my support, clearing the way for the Hard Rock site to be demolished. From my perspective there are no more excuses from 1031, it is time to move forward immediately,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “We have issued a conditional permit which gives 1031 what they need to move forward. I do not want to take the families of the victims through any more obstacles to get this building taken down. At the end of the day the most important thing is to retrieve the remains of our people.”

Analysis by an independent engineering firm of the plan submitted by the property owners confirms the need to demolish the adjacent structures, to effect the safe demolition of the Hard Rock site.

The City remains committed to the key priorities which the Mayor has advocated for since the beginning: respectfully recovering the remains of our people, protecting and maintaining public safety, and reopening this critical corridor to business.

The full text of the order is available here.


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