City Council’s Jared Brossett still working to get $24 trash fee suspended next month because of trash troubles for residents


NEW ORLEANS— With trash piling up in neighborhoods across our city for weeks now, neighbors are still fed up even though Metro Disposal Services is working to get trash collection back on track.

“No matter what city you live in, nationwide people want to come home to a clean residence,” Anthony Jackson, New Orleans Resident said.

He went on to say, “We pay taxes, work hard, pay for sanitation and trash disposal. The least the City can do is pickup the trash in a timely manner.”

City Council’s Jared Brossett, District D is trying to offer some relief by getting the City Council to approve an ordinance which will take off next month’s $24 trash fee on bills.

“It goes to the principle of the matter. People have not had a service. I want to and will work as hard as necessary to resolve the trash disruption and trash collection issue,” Brossett said.

He said the reason for the delay in making a decision on the suspension of the fee is that more discussions need to be had because not all of his City Council colleagues are on board.

“I do think there are concerns that not everyone was disrupted. However, this is a logical approach because there has been varying degrees of disruption,” Brossett said.

He feels that he shouldn’t have to convince his colleagues, because it really is just the right thing to do.

“I believe this proposal is doing right by the citizens of New Orleans. They deserve better,” he said.

The plan is to discuss and vote on this on-going issue at the City Council Meeting in two weeks on August 5th. Brossett also says in the long term he’d like the trash fee to be reduced to what it used to be, which was $12.

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