NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— There’s a new development in the issue between the New Orleans City Council and the Mayor’s Office.

They’re at odds over whether the Council should have approval power over the people the mayor selects for high level positions for City Departments.

The council voted in favor of overriding the Mayor’s veto to now leave it up to the voters in the November election, all this on whether or not the City Council will get a say in who the Mayor appoints to these high profile positions.

“I trust the people of the city over the next six months will come to their own conclusions on whether it is necessary,” JP Morrell, Councilmember-At-Large said.

Some of the positions we are talking about are within the Department of Public Works and the NOPD. There are 14 different positions that this would affect.

“A new concept, a change in governmental structure that voters will have a final say,” Morrell said.

The majority of City Council feels it will be beneficial to the City to be able to take part in who the Mayor appoints.

“It is right for now and I believe this type of accountability has been missing and any future Mayor should actually want to embrace,” Helena Moreno, Councilmember-At-Large said.

But Mayor Cantrell and her team disagree. Instead they want a new charter commission made up of local University leaders and other councilmembers to make suggestions to any charter changes.

“This can be a starting point for unification and public review and engagement,” Jabarie Walker, Deputy Chief of Staff with the City of New Orleans said.

“The city charter should be taken very seriously. I’ve only been in office for a month and I don’t feel like I’m in a position to change the city charter without more analysis including public analysis,” Eugene Green, New Orleans City Council District D said.

“This is not taking aim at the Mayor, what this is doing is allowing voters to decide on a charter amendment, so let’s be very clear about that,” Lesli Harris, New Orleans City Council District B said.