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TERRYTOWN, La. — A video floating around Instagram is prompting outrage after a Christ the King student in Terrytown was sent home from school because of her hairstyle.

The student has extensions, and school administrators said it’s true that she was sent home.

But they also said it’s school policy for students to have only “natural” hair, and that the student and her parents knew the policy before the start of school, which was last week.

School administrators said they informed the student and her mother that the hairstyle was not in compliance, “and she agreed to change her child’s hair in order to comply with the policy.”

“She made an appointment with a hair stylist to do so. The child had her hair re-done on Friday of last week and reported to school today,” said Archdiocese Catholic Schools Superintendent RaeNell Billiot Houston. “The new hair style was still not in compliance with the new hairstyle policy. At that point the parent made the decision to remove her child from the school.”

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

Watch the video above to hear Tamica Lee’s and LBJ’s thoughts on the viral video.