Chihuahua takes the wheel and crashes in Slidell

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SLIDELL, LA — Chihuahua, take the wheel. That’s sorta what happened in Slidell on Friday. The Slidell Police Department says a man and woman stopped to pump some gas in their SUV at a store on Gause Boulevard. At some point between the gas being pumped and the customers paying and leaving, police say the dog put the car in reverse.   No one else was inside the car at the time. According to police, the SUV began moving backwards — across Gause — and eventually came to a stop at another gas station across the street. Not only is it a mystery how the dog put the car in gear, but it’s a miracle that no other cars were hit or people hurt when the SUV crossed four lanes of traffic with the dog onboard. Police say one of the owners of the dog sustained minor injuries while trying to chase down and stop the SUV. We’re told that SPD has video that will be released soon for the public to see. You know we’ll pass that along when we get it! Meanwhile, there’s no word at this point on whether the dog’s owners were cited or if the dog will have his, ahem, license suspended. The Slidell Police Department provided a couple of photos from their investigation. We’ve posted them at the top of this page.


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