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NEW ORLEANS – Judge Donald Johnson officially dropped charges against mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock this morning, just over three months after he was arrested while protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Scurlock was arrested after disobeying the orders of an NOPD officer providing security at the site, which had become a hotbed for pro and anti-Confederate monument protesters.

“It was a big victory today,” Scurlock’s attorney Thomas Robichaux said. “I’m very pleased the judge saw past all the city’s shenanigans. The city attorney’s office has really wasted our time, my time, the city’s resources pursuing these false charges.”

Referring to a video of Scurlock’s encounter with the police officer that was subsequently posted to YouTube, the newly exonerated candidate said he never intended to hurt anyone.

“I had a cell phone in each of my hands,” Scurlock said. “I was wearing an Olympia Brass Band hat. I’m no threat to an officer.”