Championship Saturday: Eastbank Little Set to Take on Hawai’i Today on WGNO

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Williamsport, Pa– The Eastbank Little League Team (River Ridge) is set to take on Hawai’i for the United State Championship at 2:30 pm on WGNO. Eastbank lost to Hawai’i, 5-2, Friday August 16th. Since that loss Eastbank got out of the elimination bracket with a 10-0 win over Virginia Thursday night to advance to U.S Championship Finals. Hawi’i has remained undefeated throughout the World Series beating Virginia in the winners bracket final 12-9. Eastbank will send Will Andrade to mound against Hawai’i, Andrade was the starter in the 5-2 loss to Hawai’i going 2.2 Innings, one strikeout, one hit. On offense Reece Roussel is one hit away from breaking the all-time hits record at the Little League World Series with 13 hits so far, 14 is the record.

Follow the game below:

Louisiana is the US Champion!


An error for LA and Hawai’i brings 2 more men home.  This is now a 4 point game.

Hawai’i has another man come home on a walk. The score is now 9-3.

A runner comes in on a walk. Score is 9-2.

Hawai’i on the board. Score is 9-1.  Bases loaded again.

No outs. Hawai’i has bases loaded.

Bottom of the 6th inning. Hawai’i up to bat.

Another big hit and 2 men come home! The score is 9-0.

Reece Roussel with a big double brings  2 meb home.

Bases loaded for LA. 1 out.

LA is up 5-0 with 1 out and 1 man on.

Top of the 6th. LA up to bat.

Hawai’i unable to score.

Hawai’i up to bat. 2 outs. 2 men on base. LA doing a pitcher change.

Bottom of the 5th. Hawai’i up to bat.

Louque steals home after another wild pitch. LA is up 5-0 with 2 outs at the top of the 5th.

Reece Roussel steals home after a wild pitch. Score 4-0.

Marshall Louque with a beautiful hit, and he sends 2 more runners home for LA. Score is 3-0. At the top if the 5th inning.

Bases loaded. Only 1 out.

LA scores! There are officially points on the board!

Top of the 5th, LA up to bat.

Bottom of the 4th. Hawai’i up to bat.

Top of the 4th, LA up to bat. LA had a man on third base but just wasn’t able to get him home.

Bottom of the 3rd. Hawai’i gets men on base but not able to bring any home.

Top of the 3rd. LA up to bat. Score is still 0-0.

Some good hits from LA and good plays by Hawai’i. No runs scored. Hawai’i up to bat.

Top of the 2nd, LA up to bat.

No runs for LA. Hawai’i up ti bat.

Top of the 1st, LA up to bat.

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