Celebrity trainer Barry Smith has a fun way to get the kids involved in your daily workout routine


With schools closed due to the coronavirus, and kids at home 24-7—for many parents,  this has been a long week!  There are just so many times you can watch Frozen 2, right?  

Celebrity trainer, Barry Smith can help!  He’s come up with a creative exercise plan—to  get  your  family off the couch and moving!

He calls it the alphabet workout and it’s easy as A- B-C!

Create a chart with letters  A-Z and assign a simple exercise to each letter.

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The first day you can have the kids spell their name and each letter will have an exercise creating a unique circuit they can do.  For more fun, you can have them roll the dice to determine how many reps they will do of each exercise.

Another day, you can have them spell out their favorite color, or food, or actor.  The list is endless and so are the  benefits .  It’s a fun way to get your family in shape. 

Use the chart to help get you started!


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