MANDEVILLE, La. (WGNO) — Increases in the prices of Causeway Bridge tolls went into effect on Thursday, Nov. 2.

The staff at the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission say they have to adjust the tolls every seven years to stay up with inflation.

“The increase that was finally decided upon by the financial analyst is just about 11%,” said Carlton Dufrechou with the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission. “We’re going from $3 to $3.40 if you have a toll tag. Or, if you have cash, it’s from $5 to $6.”

The commission’s commuter sales supervisor, Kim Bertucci, says opening an account for a toll tag is easy.

“We need your name, address, phone number, email address, and we’ll add whatever vehicles you need,” Bertucci listed. “We need the license plate, model, year, and color of each vehicle you need one for. You just prepay $20, and it will deduct every time you go through.”

Tag commuters, like Carol Koster, say the increase didn’t come as a surprise since many prices are increasing.

“When I look at lunch meat in the supermarket, and the prices of groceries, and the prices of gas, it’s just part of it,” Koster said.

Some drivers don’t blame the Causeway Commission for the price hike because of the recent safety improvements made to the bridge.

“From the outside looking in, it appears they run the business well, and it hadn’t gone up that much in the last 50 years,” tag commuter Darryl O’Meallie said.

Some say their commute is more important than their dissatisfaction.

“I got to cross the Causeway to get to the south shore, so if it costs a dollar, it’s a dollar,” tag commuter Matthew Wilkinson said. “If it’s five dollars, it’s five dollars. It is what it is.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a toll tag, you can purchase one on the phone or at the offices of the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission.

The office will open during special hours Saturday, November 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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