Cat’s severed head found on Uptown sidewalk

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NEW ORLEANS – The Humane Society of Louisiana is calling for an investigation after a cat’s severed head was found on an Uptown sidewalk.

The gruesome discovery was made around 7:30 a.m. on June 1 near the intersection of Eleonore and Coliseum Streets, according to Humane Society director Jeff Dorson.

Victoria Marchante said she encountered the head of a black and white cat placed in the center of the sidewalk during her morning walk.

“It appears that the cat’s head was placed on the sidewalk deliberately, like a sick trophy. It bothered me so much that I can not stop thinking about it,” Marchante said. “I am also worried about the implications regarding the individual(s) who may be involved and if they might be doing this ‘serially.’”

There were no signs of a struggle near the spot where the cat’s head was found, and only a few drops of blood were found on the sidewalk.

The cat’s eyes were open, and the head was facing St. Charles Avenue.

All indications are that the cat’s head was severed intentionally with a sharp instrument and then placed on the sidewalk for someone to find, Dorson said.

“We have investigated and received multiple reports of domestic cats found surgically cut in half, and it is a crime that has been documented across the country and Canada…but this the first time we’ve received a report of a cat that has been decapitated,” he said. “We are concerned that this was done deliberately and that it was left as a sign or an indication that more violence may be forthcoming. Crimes of this nature are rarely isolated. I would say that the person who committed this act of violence is likely capable of committing virtually any type of violent crime.”

Marchante has shared several pictures of the cat’s head with the NOPD, and she and Dorson are calling for a full investigation.

Anyone with any information on this case is urged to contact the Humane Society of Louisiana at (901) 268-4432 or The Humane Society will share their findings with additional agencies, such as the LaSPCA and NOPD, according to Dorson.


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