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DESTREHAN, La. (WGNO) — A typically quiet subdivision in St. Charles Parish was targeted by a group of criminals.

Many of the residents who live here at Ormond Estates have been here for decades and they say this is a safe neighborhood. Still, some of the folks who live here say what happened this weekend has them concerned.

Numerous people who live on Woodlawn and Rosedown Drives fell victim to car burglars, including long time resident Curtis Lloyd.

“A car stolen like this, this is a first for me. I’ve been here for a long time,” said Lloyd.

Surveillance video captured the suspects early Sunday morning as they went house to house pulling on car doors to see which ones were unlocked, eventually making their way to Lloyd’s driveway.

“I woke up Sunday morning and walked the dog and when I was coming back towards the house, I kind of just looked up and realized there was a car missing,” said Lloyd.

The burglars checked an unlocked car in Lloyd’s driveway, found keys inside that belonged to another car and stole it, hitting Lloyd’s cars on the way out.

“They did come into my yard, check on my car, but fortunately it was locked. You never know if they’re going to try to come into the house, so that’s the scary part,” said neighbor Dan Lucas.

Other neighbors tell us they had personal belongings stolen out of their cars and those who had their cars rummaged through all had the same thing in common: their doors were unlocked.