Car repair shops seeing long delays in shipment of parts


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A month after Hurricane Ida and car repair shops in our area are still seeing a huge demand. The demand means some long delays. WGNO’s Kenny Lopez takes us to Tim’s Quality Car Care in Mid-City.

Nick Gilthorpe at Tim’s Quality Car Care says they’ve been swamped.

“It is really hard to get into an auto repair shop right now. Your average mom and pop shop is three to five day wait to get in, and at a dealership I’ve been hearing up to a month, which is nuts,” he said.

He says there are lots of problems causing this like labor shortages, delays in processing of insurance claims after Hurricane Ida, and delays in getting parts delivered.

“I had to order a part, starter for a car, took a week and a half,” Gilthorpe said.

In regards to the delays he said, “I’ve had so many people say it is on a shipping container in the middle of the ocean and it is waiting.”

Another problem that’s backing them up at car repair shops is the fact that people can’t find new cars so they are buying used cars.

“People are buying used cars and bringing them in and we are repairing them,” he said.

In the aftermath of Ida one of the biggest shocks is the delay in getting glass.

“I have a RAV-4 that’s been waiting on glass for the last two weeks,” he said.

Despite all these delay challenges they don’t want customers to get discouraged.

“Generally trying to get the car in and out in a day or two. We are going to work as hard to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he said.

For more information on Tim’s Quality Car Care, click HERE.

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