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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It was a festive start to the inauguration ceremony at Gallier Hall with music from the Uptown Jazz Orchestra as officials, friends, and family of Mayor LaToya Cantrell gathered to both celebrate her, and to kick off her second term.

After several musical numbers and drama presentations, the moment arrives and Cantrell was sworn in by her father-in-law, retired Judge Harry Cantrell.

It was also a historic swearing-in of the second term for the first woman elected to lead the city as mayor. In her speech, she started by praising and showing gratitude to those that reelected her.

Cantrell stated, “The most important people are the residents of the City of New Orleans and I say thank you, thank you so very much.”

In looking back over her first term, the mayor also took time to recognize the effects of COVID on New Orleans, economically, and on the people, stating “We lost our brothers and sisters. 1,015 our residents died in this pandemic.”

And while crime is on the lips of many residents, the mayor spent just a short time talking about crime.

WGNO asked the mayor about her top priority for the second term and Cantrell stated, “The biggest priority and truly for the second term and for the opportunities we have for the next four years is around infrastructure. And that infrastructure is not just about roads and streets and drainage, which it is but also about affordable housing and transportation and technology. And we have a unique opportunity right now in this city, and in this country to realize not just millions but billions of dollars that will be invested.”

For Cantrell and her team, celebration was in the air today before the work of running the city resumes tomorrow.