Brazen afternoon shooting prompts restaurant to give back on MLK Day


NEW ORLEANS— It’s never good when police cars and yellow tape are outside your restaurant but that’s just what happened Wednesday afternoon at Ray’s on the Ave.

Elray Holmes of the 7th Ward eatery explained, “A gentleman was sitting here, just a guy from the neighborhood, and a guy just walked up to him and shot him a few times.”

The owner say a man in a blue shirt from they’re surveillance video is responsible. Holmes’ wife said that while violence is happening all around town, it’s not something they want to get used to.

According to Tammy Conrad Holmes, “When something like this happens, it puts a damper not only on our business but the neighborhood and the city as a whole.”

For that reason, they’ve partnered with the neighborhood for an MLK Day unity event to combat the violence, but also to celebrate their community.

Morgan Clevenger of the Fairgrounds Triangle Neighborhood Association stated, “We are a classic, still holding on New Orleans diverse, neighborhood. The real thing where people from all backgrounds live together, work together and exist together.”

The event is Monday January 19th, from 3pm-5pm and they hope to show unity in the face of diversity.


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