Born to be a TV star


Actor Rosha Washington found the role he was born to play

NEW ORLEANS – It’s the role he figures he was born to play.

Actor Rosha Washington stars in the new YouTube TV series called All Screwed Up.

He plays DJ Screw, a Houston hip-hop DJ legend who died.

WGNO’s Bill Wood tells the story of the New Orleans actor who knew he was ready for the spotlight when he was just eight years old.

That’s when Rosha got a part in a church Easter program.

As for his new role is as DJ Screw, who made a difference in his short life.

DJ Screw was just 29 when he died 20 years ago.

He made a difference by not just playing music, but influencing the sounds of Beyonce and Kanye West.

Rosha Washington is making a difference, too.

Like a DJ, he’s getting into his groove.


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