Big man on campus says goodbye


Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr leaves NOLA Public Schools top job

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Landry High School has the band with the beat.

And the blessing of the big guy on campus.

He’s the Superintendent of New Orleans Public Schools.

He’s Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr.

The kids call him “Doc”.

With more than 25 years in education and as one of the youngest superintendents in the history of New Orleans schools, he’s about to add a new line to his resume.

WGNO’s Bill Wood says “Doc” is about to leave the top job that he loves.

Bill Wood asks, “why are you leaving and where are you going?”

Dr. Lewis says, “I can truly say I’ve run my leg of the race and it’s time for the next person to take the district into the future.”

Bill says, “and you’ll be running your next race where?”

Doc says, “at the appropriate time, I’ll share what’s next for me in my career.”

Dr. Henderson Lewis is in charge of the country’s only all charter schools system.

He got back local control for his schools.

And he navigated through COVID.

Bill Wood wonders, “when you look back on an extraordinary career, what will make you smile the biggest?”

Doc says, “it will be the unique things our students continue to do.”

He says the time is right.

Right for the top man in the school system to make the move.

As he leaves, next summer, he says, “as I think about a career of 25 years, I’ve had no regrets from day one.”

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