Bicyclist killed on St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition responds

Women In The Bywater On Alert After Two Bicyclists Are Attacked

Women In The Bywater On Alert After Two Bicyclists Are Attacked.

NEW ORLEANS – Bike Easy Executive Director and New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition Executive Committee Member Dan Favre has issued the following statement on behalf of the Coalition regarding the fatal car crash that killed a bicyclist on St. Charles Avenue early Monday morning:

“Sadly, we are once again faced with the urgent need to build streets that are safe and accessible for everyone. Robert “Hog” Blair was hit by a car and killed early Monday morning while biking on St. Charles Avenue.

A recent poll commissioned by the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition found that seventy-six percent (76%) of residents understand that having protected lanes separating bicycles from cars makes the roads safer for everyone, and sixty-eight percent (68%) say that they would be more inclined to ride a bicycle if there were protective barriers separating bicycles from cars.

As the City moves forward with the rapid expansion of the low-stress bikeway network, let’s all remember that it will help prevent biking tragedies like this while also benefiting everyone who drives, walks, and takes transit. As the family and friends of Robert Blair come together to mourn and celebrate his life, the people of New Orleans must come together to support more safety on our roadways.”

Learn more about how you can help make New Orleans’ street safer for commuters of all modes and abilities HERE.


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