Be cautious when checking out beautiful house floats on St. Charles Avenue


NEW ORLEANS– The house floats on St. Charles Avenue are becoming a huge attraction. The house floats are festive and fabulous, but with lots of people wanting to check them out, it is important to remember to be safe.

The world-famous St. Charles Avenue has always been an iconic part of New Orleans especially during Mardi Gras, but this year Carnival is very different and the luxurious mansions on this street are being transformed into Mardi Gras house floats, making St. Charles Avenue even a bigger draw.

“These house floats really bring the Mardi Gras heart in a way that’s adaptable to the COVID experience,” Jeanne Charlebois who lives Uptown said.

Runners, walkers, and drivers are all stopping, staring and snapping pictures of these delightfully decorated houses.

Homes like the circus-themed one or the dinosaur-themed one are real crowd-pleasers, but with so many people stopping to see them, some safety problems are arising.

Many neighbors have witnessed traffic congestion first hand and safety issues as people view the house floats.

“I see some people slowing down and it does cause traffic concerns because you could get rear-ended very quickly. The other day I saw a lady get out of her car, and went to take a picture with the door open. With all the car jackings, you just have to be safe and careful,” Charlebois said.

Lots of crowds is another concern especially because these house floats are supposed to be a safe alternative to Mardi Gras parades because of COVID.

“It is important that people give everyone their six feet, mask up and protect yourself and others,” Angela Blankenship said.

Public safety is appreciated by Angela Blankenship who transformed her house into a Dolly Parton themed float.

“Dolly’s holding a vaccine in her hand because she contributed to developing one of the vaccines,” Blankenship said.

With her house float Angela wants everyone to get into the Mardi Gras mood but in a safe way.

“I think as you’re driving by, just pay attention as you turn to look at the houses, don’t get too distracted,” she said.

“We can stop and look at the treasures, but we all need to be very careful,” Jeanie Clinton, a New Orleans neighbor said.


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