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METAIRIE, La. — Do you like scary stories?

Louisiana is full of them.

Thursday night at the Jefferson Parish Library in Metairie, five Louisiana authors wore costumes representing scary characters in stories they’ve written for a book called “The Bayou Bogeyman Presents: Hoodoo and Voodoo.”

The Bayou Bogeyman features 13 scary campfire stories from spooky Louisiana settings. The book begins with a camping trip to the swamp that becomes a nightmare for a group of students. Their teacher goes missing, they do not know the way home, and they are suddenly joined by the Bayou Bogeyman.

The students have no choice but to play the Bogeyman’s twisted game: tell a campfire story spooky enough to satisfy the monster’s appetite for fear or get eaten alive.

This supernatural collection features spine-tingling tales from nine different Louisiana writers, each with their own share of screams to add to the trove of Southern lore.