Barry’s Aftermath in Mandeville

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NEW ORLEANS – Tropical storm, Barry, made its debut last weekend. Thankfully, the storm didn’t effect New Orleans as much as many predicted.

The tropical storm – turned hurricane – turned tropical storm, had us all on the edge of our seats but the scare didn’t last longer than a couple of days.

“I was concerned cause they were really making it sound like it was gonna be much worse than it was– which of course is gonna cause we’re already prepared but I’m just glad that it stopped and started moving out when it did” Susie Malloy, a Mandeville resident, told WGNO.

Susie, along with the rest of the Mandeville community is relieved. “It never flooded, ever by my house.”

Tropical storm, Barry, had raging waters and aggressive waves. Lake Pontchartrain creeped onto back roads and main streets. Mandeville mayor, Donald Villere, says he’s grateful the city dodged a bullet.

“The reports we were hearing/ expecting and that type of thing would put us in a really difficult situation. you know, right here at the lakefront is a good example, you know, yesterday, of minor flooding compared to what Issac, Katrina, or other storms have done so, you know, we are certainly blessed.”

Blessed is how many people felt this weekend. Barry left very little for Mandeville residents to clean up.

“I haven’t seen any real damage” The Mayor said. “We haven’t had but maybe one tree or two tress come down in the entire city. So, like I said, we caught the good end of the storm this time.”

Mayor Donald Villere is encouraging people to avoid flooded streets and roads with barricades.



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