BAMBERG, S.C. (WJBF) — The town of Bamberg is mourning the loss of Ciaya Whetstone.

The 21-year-old died upon her arrival at a New Orleans hospital, shortly after being dropped off by an unknown person. Police are investigating her cause of death, as well as looking for information on who drove her to the hospital.

“Ciaya was just a really good person, she did not deserve this, by any means,” said Kassidy Crosby.

Kassidy Crosby was a long-time friend to Ciaya Whetstone.

“Her dad and my dad were best friends my whole life so we’ve always been really close,” she said.

The two grew up together, attended school together, played sports together, and even graduated from Bamberg Erhart high school together.

Crosby says, “She was just overall the best person that I ever met.”

Another friend, Cailynn Morris, remembers her as a young woman with an old soul.

“Ciaya liked to ride dirt roads, she loved to be around anywhere with water, she loved the beach, she loved the country as long as her windows were down her music was on. Ciaya loved Stevie Nicks,” said Cailynn Morris.

Crosby says, “She just had the most kind heart and free spirit and she was just like a really good person. She had a really good relationship with God.”

Kassidy tells NewsChannel 6 that Ciaya’s faith is something that inspired not only her but everyone that Ciaya came into contact with.

“She always kept faith in God never did she ever lose faith and that’s what I will always admire about her. I really do strive to be the person that she is,” said Crosby.

Morris says “When Ciaya went to bed at night, she prayed. When she woke up in the morning, she prayed. She would talk to God just throughout her day.”

Whetstone’s death came as a shock to many of her friends. Morris and Crosby say she was the mother among her friends.

Crosby says, “Because she was just a super safe person.” She was always the one to make sure I got home safe. She was just very precautious.”

Morris says Whetstone was studying Psychology at the University of New Orleans. She said she wanted to use that degree to help children. Now her sudden death has left a hole in their hearts that they say can never be replaced.

“I’ll miss her spirit . You don’t understand how happy she was all the time, she could put anybody in a good mood. if you were in the worst mood ever she knew how to change that,” said Crosby.

According to an incident report, Whetstone was last seen getting into an Uber in front of her apartment. Uber has released a statement saying they have suspended APP access to that driver and are cooperating with the investigation.

Law enforcement in Louisiana says it could take about two months before they can determine the cause of death.