B-Mike and 5th Ward Weebie want you to vote…and twerk

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NEW ORLEANS – Local artist Brandan “B-Mike” Odums has enlisted the help of New Orleans rapper 5th Ward Weebie to help young people get out and vote in the November 6 midterm elections.

Chalking their collaboration up to a “crazy last minute idea” that paid off, Odums posted Weebie’s latest two-part video to his Instagram account this afternoon.

“I’m reaching out letting y’all know y’all got to go vote,” Weebie raps at the beginning of the new song. “It’s real serious right now.”

In particular, Odums and Weebie want their fans and followers to vote yes on amendment 2, which would require unanimous jury verdicts in all felony cases.

“We need a unanimous voting jury come November 6, 2018,” Weebie says. “Get out and vote yes for Amendment 2.”

The video, shot on location in New Orleans, features an array of dancers twerking in mock voting booths in front of signature B-Mike artwork.

The message, aimed firmly at younger voters who may have never voted before, is summed up perfectly in an early verse:

“Don’t let the politicians out there lie to ya’,” Weebie raps. “You better vote and let the politicians ride for ya’.”


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