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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New revelations about the death of former Saints player Glenn Foster Jr. come to light. Family attorney Ben Crump says an independent autopsy revealed disturbing new details.

“The initial findings found that there was some evidence of neck compression and strangulation,” said Crump.

Foster Jr. was arrested in Pickens County, Alabama nearly two weeks ago after police stopped him for speeding. Shortly after his arrest, Foster Jr. died in police custody. Little information has been shared about what led to his death, but loved ones revealed Foster Jr. struggled with mental health issues.

“They were doing everything in their power, working with the local officials there, before he got into the custody of the sheriff’s department to make sure he got the appropriate help. They never expected him to end up dead while in the custody of the sheriff’s department,” said Crump.

Crump adds the Foster family is still waiting for autopsy results from the medical examiner in Alabama.

“The longer it goes without them saying anything, the more suspicious they become about them trying to sweep his death under the rug,” said Crump.

As for the Foster family, Crump says they’re besides themselves in grief.

“They are all devastated because instead of celebrating for Christmas holidays, they’re having to bury this young man who was taken from this earth far too soon,” said Crump.

Crump added that the Foster family is demanding transparency in this investigation, including the release of any body camera video from the night of his arrest.

Foster was 31-years-old and he leaves behind a wife, four young daughters, his parents and siblings.