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JEFFERSON, La. (WGNO) – A Louisiana donut shop is using National Donut Day (June 3) to help out a local 3-year-old boy who has Leukemia. Bakers Dozen revved up their engines and put together a Cars-themed party Friday for Julian Haney, who is currently undergoing medical treatment for Leukemia.

Brandi Miller, owner of Bakers Dozen, and her team created a unique donut in honor of Julian, which they let him create.  When you buy a donut on National Donut Day, you’ll be helping Julian.  100 % of proceeds from sales of the “Julian’s Donut” will go to him.


“We let Julian design his own donut.  He picked the colors and told us that his favorite things were cars,” Miller said.

So how did Bakers Dozen even find out about Julian so that they could help?


“When Julian, our son was diagnosed with Leukemia, we spent hours at Oschner, and we needed some place to get away, and to get away from the hospital food.  We discovered Bakers Dozen not too far away and started to come here often,” Blake Haney, Julian’s dad said.

Later on, the owners of Bakers Dozen approached the family and told them about how on National Donut Day they like to help a child in need. This year they chose to help Julian.


“When we met him, we fell in love with him. We thought he was the cutest little kid,” Miller said.

With Julian’s treatments, he doesn’t always get to eat a lot of sugar, which will be extra special for him.

“He’ll certainly break the rules and have plenty of donuts for Donut Day,” Haney said.

Isn’t it sweet to know that when times get tough, here in New Orleans, dozens got your back!

“Stay strong, Julian!  You’re going to do wonderful, and we love you here,” Miller said.


Bakers Dozen will be open Friday from 5 a.m. until 11 a.m.  Remember to ask for the “Julian Donut,” so the money will go to help him out.

Get this; Bakers Dozen has been making so many donuts for Julian.  The store needed extra baking pans, so Haydel’s Bakery stepped in to let them borrow some of theirs.  Now that’s a real team effort!

Bakers Dozen is located at 3305 Jefferson Highway.