Arnaud’s Restaurant holds a hidden Mardi Gras museum!


NEW ORLEANS – Mardi Gras is exactly one week away and the carnival season spirit is at an all-time high!

If you think you’ve seen it all, you may want to think again!

Arnaud’s Restaurant is known for their gourmet flambé, saucy shrimp Arnaud, and French 75 Cocktails. But, oh, do they have so much more to offer! 

“Upstairs, we have a hidden gem” Co-Owner, Katy Casbarian told WGNO. “They Germaine Wells Mardi Gras Museum.”

That’s right! The hidden museum was created in the 1980s in honor of Germaine Wells who reigned as the Mardi Gras queen for more than 22 balls which is a record!

“[She was also] the second proprietor of Arnaud’s Restaurant and daughter of the founder, Arnaud Cazenave. Germaine Wells ran the restaurant for 30 years.”

This magical museum brings vintage fashion, lavish costumes, and a place for visitors to experience the carnival season in a different way.

“Seeing the past. You know, the way that Mardi Gras has evolved for different people cause that’s what’s really important” Arnaud’s Customer, Desiree Ontiveros shared. “I think that what’s up there is like a time capsule.”

That’s for sure! The museum boasts over 26 costumes spanning between 1937 to 1968.

To make it more impressive, the visit to the Germaine Wells Mardi Gras Museum is free!

When asked what the owner hopes visitors takes with them. . . “The grander, if not just New Orleans and Arnaud’s, but of Mardi Gras. And just, that they have an appreciation for all that they city has to offer” Katy Casbarian said.

The museum is open during Arnaud’s Restaurant operating hours!


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