Apple CEO Tim Cook tells a story about himself that’ll make you smile

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NEW ORLEANS -  Would you go to work for a company that's on the verge of bankruptcy?

The man who's now the CEO of Apple did just that.

And things turned out okay for Tim Cook.

He talked about that when he gave the graduation address for the Tulane Class of 2019.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood was in the audience taking notes.

And when the Big Apple himself speaks, Tulane's Class of 2019 takes a big bite.

Apple CEO Tim Cook inspires a Superdome of more than 3,000 graduates.

Doctors, lawyers, architects and social workers.

They're about to really know what it means to miss New Orleans.

Wild Bill asks Tim Cook, "you're giving advice to these graduates, what's the best advice you ever got?

Tim Cook says, "enjoy the journey."

Wild Bill then asks, "what's the worst advice you ever got?

Tim Cook says, "don't work for Apple which obviously I did not take."

Tim Cook went on to give the world iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Along with that Apple computers and watches.

And in New Orleans, he went on, after his graduation speech at Tulane, to take a tour of the Ellis Marsalis Center for music.

Now, kids in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans will make music with instruments paid for by Tim Cook.

No doubt he's the "apple" of their eyes.

Wild Bill says to Tim Cook, "tell us something about Tim Cook that nobody knows that would make everybody smile."

Tim Cook says, "I used to play the trombone."

Wild Bill says, "Trombone Timmy!"

When your college career ends with fifteen minutes of motivation from the man Tulane calls the Alexander Graham Bell of our time, how could you not like them apples.
How could you not like.....them apples....


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