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NEW ORLEANS – Back in the classroom, weeks, maybe months before his kids come back to school, that’s just the kind of teacher Chris Hatten has become.

Chris teaches at KIPP Central City Academy in New Orleans.

He teaches his students to make things.

His classroom is the space for that.

That’s why his class is called Maker Space.

WGNO’s Bill Wood says when the classroom called, Chris answered.

Just as he answered the door when Amazon knocked.

That’s when a team of teachers traveled from his school to deliver the news.

Chris Hatten is an Amazon Teacher of the Year.

He’s one of just ten across the country.

His prize is a big paycheck.

It’s $30,000.

He gets to keep a little of it.

$5,000 is his.

The rest, $25,000 he’ll invest right back into his students.

He plans to buy more equipment so his students can make more stuff.

That’s the way you do it when you’re teaching “engineers of the future”.