AJR at the Fillmore: First time headlining in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS – There were so many empty seats at the AJR show, on November 7… but that’s because everyone was standing, dancing, and singing along to every song. The general admission, standing room only area was jam packed.
AJR put on one heck of a show, with top of the line graphics, pyrotechnics, and lights. They were one of those bands that don’t do too much talking, but just the right amount… after all, we go to concerts to hear music. The last time AJR was in New Orleans, was in October 2018, when they performed on the final day of Voodoo.
The tour, appropriately named the Neotheater World Tour, is named after the bands third studio album. It was released on April 26, 2019, by the band’s label AJR Productions. The album was self-produced by the trio.


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