Action! Hollywood South gets ready to roll, again


With COVID-19 tests, face masks and social distancing

NEW ORLEANS – With not much glitz or glamour, it hardly looks like Hollywood in the quiet, corner office of casting director Ryan Glorioso.

But Ryan and his Glorioso Casting are gearing up for a new season.

A new season of the new normal.

WGNO’s Bill Wood has the scoop on what it will be like for cast and crew as the cameras begin to roll again for feature films and TV shows shooting in Louisiana.

On sets across Louisiana, the new normal for cast and crew includes COVID-19 tests, face masks and social distancing.

For studios, they’ll have to add an extra 10 to 15-percent to their budgets to pay for all this.

All in an industry that means multi-millions of dollars for the state of Louisiana.

Productions are set to start shooting again by August 1.

Somewhere between action and the Academy Awards, with a virus in the middle, there’s no business like show business, is about to be.


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