Abused pig rescued in Kenner; headed for new life

Photo of rescued pig Homer provided by Humane Society of Louisiana.

KENNER, LA — His name is Homer, and he’s going to retire in Florida.

Maybe not a unique claim until you know that Homer is a pig and he was rescued by police while he was being abused, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana.

HSL founder and executive director Jeff Dorson says that two men purchased the pig in Hammond and, after returning to a home in Kenner, began torturing the pig with the intent of killing then eating him.

Dorson says that a neighbor heard the pig squealing and called police. He says officers arrested two men at the home and booked them with a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Homer is a 250 pound Yorkshire pig and suffered wounds to his ears, legs and body. Jefferson Animal Control took custody of Homer and began the search for a permanent home while he recovered in foster care at a farm.

Dorson says Homer has been cleared by his veterinarian to be moved to his new, forever home at the Little Bear Sanctuary in Punta Gorda, Florida. He should leave in about seven to ten days.


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