NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A Tulane University senior is being hailed a hero after rescuing an abandoned dog last week.

On Thursday (Oct. 5) night, Ben Bernstein was taking a walk in Uptown when he witnessed a car stop near the corner of Adams and Hampson streets. Bernstein says a person pushed a German Shorthaired Pointer out into the dark street and drove off.

Frozen and trembling with fear, the dog, now named Elza, was taken into Bernstein’s apartment.

Since the incident happened so late, Bernstein called a local shelter the following morning, but staff were unable to take Elza in due to an influx of surrendered pets. Bernstein then called the Humane Society of Louisiana. Impressed with the rescue, HSLA Director Jeff Dorson visited the two, bearing gifts in a video posted on Facebook.

“In a city full of heartache due to the endless violence, we are grateful for folks like Ben, who go out of their way to help others in need – in this case, a petrified dog,” Dorson said. “If Ben hadn’t acted so quickly, the story may have had a tragic ending. Abandoned dogs often end up living on the streets, hit by a car, or suffering from hunger, dehydration, and loneliness. But, because of Ben, Elza has a great chance of getting the perfect home.”

The HSLA is working to find Elza a forever home, describing the dog “well-mannered and docile”. Anyone looking to adopt Elza can contact the HSLA at 901.268.4432 or by emailing

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