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ARABI (WGNO)— It has only been a week since the tornado ripped through Arabi destroying cars, homes, and leaving areas completely destroyed.

Now with severe weather on its way families are preparing for another hit.

In a week’s time, there’s been progress in Arabi. Roofs are tarped, debris is cleared, and crews continue to help families recover, but Mother Nature may not be giving Arabi a break with more storms on the way.

“I’m expecting it to be real bad,” Terry Fredericks, Arabi resident said.

Fredericks is used to severe weather, so he knows what to do to get ready.

“You get older, wiser, and used to it, do what you got to do,” he said.

He says earlier today workers tried to put shingles on his roof, but winds were already too gusty, but they were able to board up his home.

“All the neighbors around here are basically getting ready,” he said.

He says the most difficult part of more storms coming is the fact that there’s still debris and destruction everywhere which could make matters worse.

“Right now you got to worry about the houses on the ground with roofs flying all over the place and destroying more stuff,” he said.

Another hit—he feels Arabi can’t handle right now, but like last week’s storm. You can’t predict mother nature’s wrath.

St. Bernard Parish has already opened up a shelter at Val Riess Sports Complex for any families that need a place to ride out the storm.