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COVINGTON (WGNO)– The sexual abuse trial of former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain continued today in court with a Strain family friend—Mark Finn taking the stand.

Finn described the abuse claims of molestation and rape in graphic detail, claiming the abuse started when he was a young boy and it happened multiple times over the years. In his tearful testimony he described how it made him feel ashamed and embarassed since he is a heterosexual male. He has a life-long criminal history of battery and drugs—stints spanning 25 years in prison. In court he even wore an inmate jumpsuit and was in shackles. In court, he said he was worried about being shipped out of St. Tammany jail if he ever said anything about the abuse.

When Strain’s defense attorney cross examined the witness things got heated when he asked why Finn never told the forensic sexual assault examiner all the abuse details, but went on TV to accuse Strain. He also asked if the witness ever got special treatment in jail by using Strain’s name, and the witness admitted to asking for Strain’s help. The defense tried to prove the witness was cooperating with the FBI to take down Strain.

There are about 20 more witnesses that are expected to take the stand in this trial. If convicted of aggravated rape, Strain could face life in prison.