A special thanks to Tom Benson, for all he did for Saints fans

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NEW ORLEANS – March 15 will be the anniversary of the death of Tom Benson, a man who inspired a city.

The Saints are on roll heading into the first playoff game of 2019, but no matter how the game turns out, fans know they have Tom Benson to thank for it all.

Benson purchased the Saints in 1985, after hearing that the Saints were on the verge of being moved to Florida.

Just about every day was a work day for Tom Benson, and Louisiana and New Orleans have profited from his intense labor and generosity.

Under his ownership, Benson ensured fans that the Saints would always remain in New Orleans.

Here we are, nearly 35 years later.

The Saints are on fire right now. Black and gold fans have dreams of another Superbowl win and it’s so close to becoming a reality.

Benson’s grave-site is seeing more and more visitors paying their respects to the legend.

Fans are leaving pictures, Saints memorabilia, flowers and other items to honor the late franchise owner.

Benson died peacefully on March 15, 2018, at the age of 90, with his loving wife, Gayle Benson, by his side.


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