NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Jazz Fest got off to a muddy and rainy start today. The gates opened half an hour later because of the rain, but now the sun is shining.

The beat goes on at Jazz Fest, or should we call it mud fest?

“Before I came to Jazz Fest, I was like I wonder what the mud is going to be like because it was pouring,” a fest-goer said.

Because of the rain, Jazz Fest started 30 minutes later, affecting some of the bands scheduled to perform like the Loyola University Jazz Band.

“Because of the rain, they cut our set short, now we are hanging out for the whole day,” Benjamin Dietch, Loyola University Jazz Band said.

“Best festival of the year, the best time of the year,” Michael Mullins, Loyola University Jazz Band said.

Fest-goers are prepared for a wet and wild and somewhat muddy day with their rain boots on, even some in swimsuits, and others came just a little more prepared.

“It’ll be my mini boat, float around in the puddles,” Jourdan Croal said.

Jazz Fest had a plan to help with the mud and puddles.

“We are putting a bunch of sand down which will help enormously with the puddles.”

Artist Zora Dejenohan who has a booth at Jazz Fest said, “The festival has been good about making paths for those who need help getting around. The sun is coming out. It will be a gorgeous, but humid day out here,” she said.

Rain or shine, the fest floats on!

Lots of great music tonight. The Black Crowes, Busta Rhymes, and Elvis Costello will all be performing.

Earlier today, WGNO’s Kenny Lopez was LIVE at Jazz Fest right after the rain stopped. Here’s his report: