‘A fantastic impression of hell’ – Sen. Kennedy describes Hurricane Ida aftermath in Terrebonne Parish


HOUMA, La. (WGNO) — Louisiana Senator John Kennedy stopped by some of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Ida in Southeast Louisiana.

“A fantastic impression of hell!”

Sen. Kennedy (R-LA)

Sen. Kennedy is always good for a great sound bite and he hit the nail on the head when describing the damage in Terrebone. The further you drive the more you see, but the senator was here to lend a hand and tell the folks here he’s fighting for them

He met with residents of Terrebonne Parish, and also dropped off some much-needed supplies.

Sen. Kennedy says President Joe Biden promises the help Southeast Louisiana needs right now.

“I spoke to the president on Friday,” he told WGNO. “The president has promised us the help that we need. I take him at his word. and he know me well enough to know thatI’ll chase him like a hound from hell until we get the help we need.”

It’s words residents here need to hear in Bayou Grand Calliou. One family is spending the day under a tarp outside of the home that’s no longer inhabitable but some help has come they’re way.

“The FEMA organization came out,” said Penny Verdin. “They did deposit some money into the account for the housing and clothing stuff. But other than that the schools the fire station’s been giving out water and ice, food and stuff like that.”

It’s help many here will need for some time.

Kennedy also told WGNO that he’s backing a plan to excuse SBA loans since they have to be paid back. Instead, Sen. Kennedy has another idea.

“An SBA loan is there if you need it,” he said. “The problem with an SBA loan is it’s a loan and you have to pay it back. And a lot of people can’t afford their payments now. So while a SBA loan is an option, the legislation we’re talking about is in the form of a grant.”

What’s clear is that a long recovery is in store for the people of Terrebone.

“Now because of the storm, it’s a mess,” said Dulac resident Juanita Pierre. “It’s been totally destroyed just about every house down here has been hit.”

But despite the devastation, many here have no plans to leave.

“This my home, this where I grew up,” said Verdin. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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