A double whammy: The flu and Coronavirus together is ‘Flurona’


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— As if there already wasn’t enough to worry about with omicron cases surging. Cases of “Flurona” the flu and coronavirus have been detected in the United States.

You’re coughing? You’re sneezing? You’re feeling sick in bed? Is it the flu? Is it Coronavirus? Or could it be both—“Flurona?”

“Flurona is a term that’s buzzing around a combination of patients being diagnosed with the flu and coronavirus at the same time,” Dr. Fab Mancini, Health and Lifestyle Expert said.

Some are calling the combination “double trouble, a double whammy, or a twin-demic,” but Dr. Fab Mancini said so far the cases of “flurona” have not been more severe or critical.

“We are not seeing right now that the cases are more difficult to take care of. We just want to make sure we are properly diagnosing the patients,” he said.

“The symptoms of flurona are interesting because they are so similar. Typically runny nose, coughing, sore throat, people are reporting night sweats that’s different and you have traditional loss of smell or taste,” Dr. Mancini said.

If you show any of these symptoms doctors may test you for the flu, coronavirus, and strep throat to diagnose you properly.

“I believe the best medicine is to use common sense and to go seek a health care provider to have it diagnosed properly,” Dr. Mancini said.

With it being a higher than normal flu season and omicron surging, the best way to fight “flurona” is through vaccines for both the flu and COVID-19 and wearing masks.

“It is to recognize it could be a threat and something to be aware of,” Dr. Mancini said.

Dr. Mancini also says with “flurona” looming, you need to build up your immune systme and you can do that by drinking lots of water, sleeping properly, and taking vitamins C & D, and Zinc.

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